Owner's Experience

You Come First

Ciaron’s strike rate is one of the best in the country but you’re never going to win every race. It’s crucial that our owners have have an engaging, successful and, most importantly, fun experience.

Owner Communications

Stay Informed

If you’re overseas, interstate or you’re just not a fan of the early starts, you can always watch your horse’s professionally-filmed track work from the convenience of your smart phone, laptop or smart TV.

Sales Experience

Where it all Begins

The full ownership experience starts at the sales, where Ciaron has earned a reputation as one of the more shrewd trainers purchasing yearlings over the past few seasons.


A Richer Experience

At Ciaron Maher Racing, we believe the more you understand the process, the more enjoyment you’ll get from owning a horse. That’s why we share our wealth of experience, from videos on yearlings to track work jargon or anything else you need to know.

Our Team